To show the world your Springboard, you will need to get your embed code and paste it somewhere on your site. ShareSpring is smart enough to fill any container you put it in with images and captions displaying large enough to be seen.

7.1 Go to the Embed Code Screen

Click on Settings > Embed Code to get to the Embed Code screen.

7.2 Choose Your Layout Mode

Now, you can choose your preferences on how you want your Springboard displayed.

  • Layout - This affects the look of the entire dashboard. Each of these layouts has different values that you can edit. As you switch between each of the following layout modes, the relevant options for that layout will be displayed for you to edit below.
    • Compact - 
    • Full - 
    • Carousel - 

7.3 Select the Options for the Layout You've Chosen

Compact Options

  • Spacing between each cell - You can set the width of the grid spacing with this value. A higher value will space posts further apart which may create fewer columns per row.

  • Spacing surrounding the Springboard - This value represents the space between your Springboard's container and the outside of the Springboard itself.

  • Background color shown behind cells - This will affect the color of the grid between the posts.

  • Text color shown in text-only cells - For text-only posts, you can choose the text color.

  • Background color of text-only cells - For text-only posts, you can choose the post background.

  • Background color of the cell meta box - Change the color of the small box that appears on each post which contains the attribution and sharing icons.

  • Text color of the cell meta box - Change the color of the text in this small box.

  • Ideal height of each cell - Your Springboard will change the height of each row in order to fit the content evenly. It will try to get as close to the ideal height. There is a minimum ideal height of 100 pixels.

Full Options

Carousel Options

7.4 Embed Your Springboard

As you select options, the embed code will update automatically. Simply copy the Embed Code and paste it somewhere on your website.