To automate the process of adding posts to lists, you can use the Filters feature. Filters will add certain posts to a chosen List according to several rules that you set.

6.1 Adding a Filter

Adding a new Filter is easy. Go to the Filters and click the Add New Filter button.

6.2 Set the Rules and Actions

The Create Filter modal window will appear where you can set the rules for your Filter. Here are the rules you can set for adding posts to you new list:

  • Sources - Choose any number of sources from the dropdown list to limit the posts to these sources.

  • Ownership - Choose whether to filter based on posts that are associated with your account or not.

  • Content Nature - Choose whether to filter based on posts with Possibly Sensitive content or not. The Possibly Sensitive label might include content such as nudity, violence, or medical procedures.

  • Username - Choose whether to only include or exclude content from specific usernames. To add more than one username, press the spacebar or comma button and each username will become a box within the field.

  • Has all of the words - Choose posts that have captions with all of the words in the field. Sequence or order doesn't matter. Has any of the words: Choose to include posts that have any of the words in the field.

  • None of the words - Choose to exclude posts that have any of the words in the field.

  • Image - Choose whether to filter based on the post having an image.

Now choose what to do with the posts that the Filters find.

  • Mark - If you want to moderate the list before making posts visible select hidden. Otherwise, select visible.

  • Add to List - You need to choose a list or else nothing will happen.

6.3 View Your List

To view the contents of your list, go to the Posts page and filter the results based on your List name in the sidebar. You may need to scroll the sidebar down to see the Lists filter.