ShareSpring gives you the ability to organize your content on your Springboard gallery. Using the List feature, you can feature the social content or products you want in a prominent place on the Springboard gallery.

There are many reasons to create a List. They are used to change the order that posts are displayed in on the Springboard. There are currently two types of Lists:

  • Pinned List - Posts in a pinned list will always appear as the first posts on the Springboard.

  • Frequency List - Posts set in the frequency of “4” would mix in posts from this list into every 4th position on the Springboard.

Lists may contain: branded content, calendar events, products, promotions, contests, or posts from a particular person. You can move any post into any list.

5.1  Lists

Lists are a great (but optional) feature to organize content that you want to embed on your Springboard gallery. All posts are in the “Default” list initially. You will need to manually move your posts to another List. To start a List, click the “Lists” tab. Name your List and then set the Rule Type and/or Frequency.

You have no control over the sort order of posts within the List. The List will be chronological. To move a post into a List go back to the Posts tab and click on a post to edit it. Then select the specific List from the Edit Post modal window.

5.2 Edit List

Editing a List is a simple as clicking on the name of the List. Here you can select Rule Type and/or Frequency to determine the where and the number of times you want the List to appear.

5.3 List Pinning - Moves content to the top


ShareSpring allows you to pin a List to the top of the Springboard gallery. Any posts inside of it will be the first post(s) in the Springboard. An example would be if you wanted to put a monthly calendar of events, or a special monthly feature, or an upcoming event at the top of the Springboard. This content will remain there, until you change or delete it.

5.4 List Frequency - Sets how often the content on the list appears

ShareSpring allows you to set the frequency of how often a List's content appears on your Springboard. Setting different frequencies will allow you to mix in posts from different Lists. For example:

  • You could create a “products” list and mix in a product every 5th post.
  • You could create an “advertisement/promotions” list and set a frequency of 10 to mix in an advertisement/ promotion every 10th post. 
  • You could have one post inside the list and set a frequency of 3 and that post will display on the 3rd position on the Springboard.*

*Note: Having multiple Lists may affect the tile location of where the post is actually displayed, especially if there is a List(s) pinned to the top.

5.5 Add a New List

To add additional Lists, you select the Add New List Tab. Name your new List and then set the rule type and frequency for that particular List.

You have no control over the sort order. The List will be in chronological order. To move a post into a List go back to the Posts tab and click on a post to edit it. Then select the list from the Edit Post modal window.

5.6 Deleting a List

To delete a List check the checkbox and press the “delete” button.

This action is permanent. It completely removes the List and its settings. Posts from within this list are moved back into the Default list.