ShareSpring is a social hub that allows you to own a social presence that you control. You will choose the best genuine sentiment about your company or products and display it on your Springboard. Moderating content is easy with ShareSpring.

4.1  Moderation and Curation

To moderate your content, go to the Posts tab and you will see the content coming into your social hub by the minute. ShareSpring displays all posts in chronological order. It is fetched from the social sources in the Settings tab. Posts that you created are visible by default. Posts made by public users are hidden by default.

Each post will show you the post content, how long ago it was posted, which username sent it, which social source it came from, and whether or not it is currently visible or hidden on your Springboard. Now you can begin to filter and moderate your public content by deciding whether or not to make it visible or to keep it hidden.

4.2 Editing Posts

You may edit any of the incoming social media stream content by clicking on the content or image. A modal window will pop up where you can change the text and/or image. You have the ability to change the post’s headline, content, url, and you can move the content into a list (See the “List” section below).

You may change the URL if you want to link it somewhere else. You may also change the image by using the Select Image button. For posts that do not have an image, you can change the aspect ratio from a square (1:1) to horizontal or portrait orientation. This will affect how it is displayed on the Springboard.

The post will be hidden until you check the visible box and save. Click the checkbox next to one or multiple posts to apply bulk actions.  You can make all selected posts visible or hidden. You can also permanently delete selected posts.

4.3 Filtering by Visibility, Ownership, Source and List

You can filter the content being aggregated by Ownership, by Source and by List. The filters are to help you with moderation only. Filtering does not affect which posts are displayed on the Springboard.

  • Visibility - Filters only posts that are currently visible (or hidden) on the dashboard. For example, you might want to use this if you want to quickly find and remove a post that is currently visible on your Springboard.

  • Ownership - Filters your original content from all of the other content coming into the Springboard. These are the posts made by you or only the ones made by public users. For example, if you are looking for public posts to add to your Springboard, you could select “Not Visible” and “Not Mine.”

  • Source - Filters all content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and RSS feeds coming in from each separate social stream. The Source filter only shows posts that came in from each specific source when the box is checked. For example, you may only want to look at your posts from Twitter.

  • List - Filters the social content that you’ve moved into a specific list. For example, you may want to look only at your product content that you moved into a special list called “Product List.”

4.4  Add Your Own New Posts

New posts don’t have to come from just from social sources. It is possible to add a post directly into ShareSpring to be included on your Springboard. An example would be if you want to insert an advertisement, promotion, product, or contest that has not already been posted to any of your social networks.

To do this, you click on Add New Post. You can select a headline, content, url, and even place the content in a List. For text-only posts, you can select the aspect ratio to be square (1:1) or horizontal or portrait. Once you upload an image, the ratio is selected for you, using the aspect ratio of the image. Once you’ve added the content, just click the checkbox for visible and your information is added to the Springboard immediately.